Groups: Best Practices, Part 2


So, you’ve had a couple of days to talk with people you know and get a group of people together.  Congratulations on getting everyone together to get some great fruit made the old fashioned way!  Your friends and family are really going to thank you for this opportunity; right after they try Muirhead Canning’s Hood-Crest fruits!


Next, talk to everyone in your Group and let them know what the end goal is.  Your goal is to reach 28 cases total between all of you.  This will get your Group both free shipping *and* a 10% discount.  You and your Group can decide how many cases each will or can be responsible for.   It can be done many ways, of course.  Five members of the Group could each be responsible for 5 cases with three members volunteering to get an additional case.  One person could get 10 cases, another person might sign up for 8, leaving the final three members each to purchase just 3 1/3 cases.  One might choose to order 14 cases, another 7, a third 4, and the final two splitting the difference.

How you choose to split the order up is, of course, your choice!


After you figure out how you’ll order and who’s responsible for what, let each member of your Group know that the fruit will be delivered to you, the Group Contact, to get the special discounts and free shipping.  Once you get the entire order, you’ll need to contact everyone and have them come get their order from you (or you can deliver yourself, at your discretion!).

Next, give us a call at the office to set the Group Order up.  We’ll set it up with the Group Contact’s name and shipping information, as we’ll be shipping the whole order to you, the Group Contact.  Then, collect everyone’s order and ensure you’ve met the 28 case minimum order for those discounts and instruct each person to send their checks, with your Group Contact’s name in the memo section, to:

Muirhead Canning

5267 Mill Creek Rd

The Dalles, OR 97058

Or, to use a credit card, just have them give us a jingle! 541-298-1660.  Be sure to let them know that they’ll need to have the office staff bring up the order under the Group Contact’s name, else the payment won’t get applied to the right order.

Now, each time we get a payment applied to your Group Order, you should get either an email with payment received or a regular USPS letter from us indicating that a payment has been made, depending on how you set the account up to begin with.  Be sure to contact our offices before the delivery date, though, to ensure that you’re not stuck with an outstanding balance due that you’ve got to collect from someone who had good intentions but either forgot or ran into a bit of a bind!  Not many people like those kinds of surprises, especially around the holidays.



Now everyone gets to enjoy their fruit, their discounts, free shipping, and they get to eat it all, too!