Ack! You’re late!

Ack!  You’re late!

We’ve been getting lots of calls in the office asking where people’s fruit is at.  The schedule we print with our newsletter is created in April or so of each year, printed up, then mailed out in May.  For the most part, that delivery schedule is our best guestimate, based on previous years.  Most times, we make the schedule without a hitch.  There are years, like this one, that the fruit was just ready on the tree later in the season than we expected.


Happy Halloween (a little early)

Since we only can tree-ripened fruit, we have to wait until it’s ripe and ready for picking.  Then we need to call our limited staff in to get those into cans and jars.  It’s a careful dance with Mother Nature, and occasionally, our schedule steps on our partner’s toes.  As of today, just moments ago, our delivery schedule looks like this:

delivery schedule

We’re getting things labeled as fast as we can to ensure that everything is ready before we head your way and hope that you’ll bear with us a little while longer.  Here’s hoping for a great year for you and yours!