All the latest…

All the latest…

The cannery is already starting to awaken from the extremely short-lived slow time already!  Normally, this time of year, business tapers off dramatically because everyone thinks we’re closed, but we’ve been working hard to let everyone know that the office/store front is still open and we’re here to help you!  Even better, it’s been so warm this “winter,” that we’re trying to get an early start on the prep work we need to accomplish before we open the cannery and ensure everything is in working order so we can hit the ground running when either the apricots or cherries are ready.

Spring Delivery

Maurice_Prendergast PicnicEverything is coming together nicely to send out our first mailer of the year!  It’s pretty exciting for us because it means we’ll be doing a “Spring Delivery” this year; something brand new for us.  If the idea is well-received, we may just keep it in place for future years, too.  This is your opportunity to check your cupboards and pantries to see what products you’re unexpectedly low on and to compare that to what we’ve still got in stock.  It’s also a great time to check your calendar for your current gift list between now and the summer months!  Birthdays, graduations (especially for kids getting ready to head out to college), Mother’s Day, Spring Break vacations, picnics, early camping trips, house warmings, any other gathering that’s coming up!  Both our fruits and fruit spreads make a delicious addition for every day, turning them from blah-days to SUNNY-days!

“Spring Delivery” will be a little bit different from “Fall Delivery,” so be sure to stay tuned for those details!  They will also be in the flyer that’s coming to your door, but I’m sure you’ll see it first here on our blog and on Facebook.

Cast YOUR vote!

You know how everyone says that “your vote counts?”  Well, for us, your vote really counts big time!  We’re trying to sort out which alternative sweetener to go forward with; Stevia or Splenda.  We have many customers who’ve requested the change from Splenda to Stevia, but we’re not seeing the official votes on our survey.  Without those, the most likely decision will be to stay with “what’s always worked in the past.”  So, if you’d like us to change, head out to the survey site and let us know!  We’re listening!!

Delivery Notifications

cel.lySomething else new for us is a new method to alert for deliveries.  We’ve not quite worked out all the kinks, but we’ll be testing the system out in that Spring Delivery.  We’ll be doing it via a service called  For smart phone users, there’s an app (both iPhone and Android), there’s also an SMS text message number that you just text a phrase to and all the updates will come as a simple SMS text, and there’s a final option to receive the information in your email.  Want to try it out with us?  Here’s what you need to do:

Join via SMS by texting: @Deliveries to 23559 OR

Wanted!  Foodie Photographer!

Can you delivery this type of photograph?  We'd like to talk with you!

Can you delivery this type of photograph with our products? If your answer is YES, we’d like to talk with you!

There’s been lots of rumblings about updating our labels, but we’ve not actually done anything about it yet.  It’s a project for future reference, but we find ourselves in need of a good Foodie Photographer who’s up for trading product for service.  If you know of anyone, please have them give us a call and speak with either Russell or Jay.  541.298.1660

  • What we’re looking for:
    • Great, foodie-style, magazine quality photos
    • Unlimited use agreement for all our digital and print needs
    • Possibility of an ongoing arrangement to take photos of our recipes we’re developing
  • What we’re offering:
    • Photographer can keep the copyrights!
    • Trade their photos for our product, either all at one time or over several years – we’ll have to negotiate the details of this
    • We’ll link to your site and give you credit for the photo any time we use the images you provide us

Digital Newsletter Coming Soon!

You know those newsletters that come to your email inbox from companies that you’d like to keep up-to-date with?  We’re in the first steps of creating one of those.  Most likely, if you’ve got an email address on file with us, we’ll automatically add you and, if you’d prefer not to hear from us this way, we’ll provide *very* clear and *easy* directions on how to opt-out.  Where we’d love to be able to connect with you on a monthly or bi-monthly sort of schedule, we understand if you just don’t want our newsletter.

What will it be about?  Actually, it will be remarkably similar to this blog post!  If there’s any specials or coupons that we might be running, the newsletter is where you’d hear about it first.  All the latest news about what’s happening up here will be included and we’re hoping it’ll make us a little more “real” to you and your family.  It should also make it really easy to share with friends and family; hitting the forward button and adding a little message about what you think they should be reading up on is a great way to let others know of our little cannery way out in the sticks, where we still do our canning the old-fashioned full-flavor way!

Updated Availability Order Form

You can download the print-ready file here: 2015 Spring Order Form

2015.01.21 availability

And you can get a feel for what we’ve got in our warehouse with this image!

Wishing everyone a very FRUITful 2015!

There’s tons more things that might happen, but this is the shortlist of things that are happening.  Keep watching this space for more updates!  Till then, we’re wishing everyone a great 2015!