Apricots News


We just got confirmation from Maryhill Orchards that we’ll be getting our apricots from them this year, as we did last year.  Hurray!  Russell is out working on the truck so we can take bins up to them to fill up.  It looks more and more like apricots will be first to the cannery!  We should start actually canning about mid next week.  Of course, everything is still up in the air a bit and, until the fruit actually arrives, we won’t be certain of the true start date.

Tree-ripened fruit really has us at Ma Nature’s beck and call!  She says jump and we scramble around to ask how high.  ::grins::

But once we start canning, we should be crazy busy through the end of the year.  If you’d like to tour the cannery and see how our delicious fruit gets into those cans, give us a jingle so we can make sure you arrive when we are canning.  It would be absolutely lovely for you to visit!  541.298.1660

You could also bring up your own fruit for us to can for you this year so you get to stay out of the kitchen.