Custom Canning


Lots of people are figuring out that they don’t have to do their own canning, as long as they bring in their fruit while we’re canning the same type, we can preserve them for you.  So, start looking at your cherry and apricot trees to get the perfect ripeness, the pick those babies and bring ’em in for us to can for you!

cherry tree

Look for your cherries to be firm but juicy, sweet and the ideal color for the cherry you’ll be bringing.  You don’t want them over-ripe or they fall apart, but under-ripe will end up being too hard and a little on the tart side.

Apricots should also be firm to the touch, like a slicing avocado.  Any more ripe than that and they won’t hold their shape in the preserving process.  When you pick them to eat, they should be sweet, but still retain a bit of their inherent tart bite-back.  That’s how you know they’re perfect for canning.

We figure we’ll begin canning these two fruits around the third week or so of June.  So, keep a careful eye on your yard trees and bring them in as soon as you see they’re ready.  We’ll put them in our walk in cooler so they’ll stay just like when you picked them!