Elberta & Fairtime Peaches; What’s the difference?

Elberta & Fairtime Peaches; What’s the difference?

Boo-hoo!  We completely sold out of our Elberta Peach Slices the other day.  Every can we’ve already made is sold, even though we’ve actually got them physically in our warehouse.  I didn’t get any on order, myself.  Did you?

However!  We found a source of Fairtime Peaches to make some more slices with!  Where that’s great news for most people, the biggest question we get is: What’s the difference?  Where they’re pretty much the same thing, here’s a look at the differences that you can expect when you open a can.


Fairtime peaches. See how easily the pit comes away from the fruit?


Elberta peaches are a little more orange colored than the Fairtime, which have more of a buttery color to them.  When you open a can of Fairtime peach slices, you’ll notice that the slices aren’t quite as tidy as Elbertas generally appear.


Fairtime and Elbertas are both freestone peaches, meaning that the fruit falls away from the pit easily.  Fairtime is a little more fiberous and it’s a tad bit more firm than an Elberta.  The low fiber content is the reason the Elbertas appear more cleanly cut.


Being very similar in taste, the Fairtime peach ever so slightly outdoes the Elbertas in sweetness.  And, surprise!  The Fairtime peaches have marginally more peach flavor and scent!