From the IT Desk



I’m getting ready to upgrade the whole computer system for Muirhead Canning.  We’re installing updated Server software and hardware, a whole new firewall, outsourcing our backups, and upgrading our POS system to the enterprise level!  I’m doing all this tomorrow, 4th of July.

christmas-213645_640The offices will be closed and the cannery isn’t running, but that’s always the perfect time for IT to get in and do their thing!  Holidays and days the whole place is closed are like a big basket of fresh-baked cookies, in my opinion, but because I can work – not because I’m off playing.  🙂

What’s this going to do for you, our friends & customers?

  • Your information will be even more secure than it’s ever been at our shop
  • Calling in to place an order will speed up a little
  • Your orders will be backed up, safe from pesky things like viruses and hackers

What’s it doing for Muirhead?

  • Giving us a great platform to move forward with online POS
  • Ensuring that backups happen automatically, guaranteed by someone else
  • Gives us a larger database to grow on top of
  • Gets us ready to roll out new products
  • Opens the door to a new way of doing business that’s more stream-lined

If I can’t get everything done on the holiday, I’ll put everything into a “holding pattern” for Saturday so we’ll still be able to run business as we have been.  Then on Sunday, I’ll come back in and complete the task.  But I hope to have us completely running on the new system for Saturday morning!  Wish me luck!