Groups: Best Practices, Part 3


With the other two parts to this series, you should be all set up with who’s in your group, where the goods will be shipped, who the leader is, and be set up in the computer system at Muirhead Canning.  How do you keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t?  How do you gently remind people that they need to make their payment so everyone gets their order at the price everyone thinks they’re getting it at?

There’s a few solutions available, including techie ones, social networking ones, and old-fashioned paper and word of mouth methods.

Technology to the Rescue

First, let’s take a look at a couple phone apps.  Group Expenses lets you Split, track and settle your shared bills.  “Group Expenses” is a smart easy-to-use group expense management application which can be used at any place where a group is involved, be it a trip to Vegas, a simple dinner party or roommates trying to track down their monthly shared expenses. It eliminates all the paper work and makes life much simpler for the expense tracking guy so that he can stop worrying about the expenses and enjoy his vacation/trip/lunch etc…


Social Networking

Facebook provides an excellent method to keep everything in one place and have an open line of communication, no matter where everyone’s at or what they’re doing.  Just create a group and invite the members of your Muirhead Canning Group to join up, then you can add the event, a file to keep track of who gets what, and open the conversation line for everyone in the group.


You have multiple ways to do spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets are your friends.


  1. You can make a simple one by hand on a blank piece of paper and just hang it on your fridge.
  2. Print one out and fill it in by hand.
  3. Share a Google Doc, it’s easy to use this template!  Fill it out, share it with all your Group members and then each can update the spreadsheet as they take care of their individual piece of the shared pie.



Regardless of how you choose to handle this part, be sure to keep track and let everyone in your group know just where everyone stands.  That way, if there is an incident that needs to be handled before ship date, it can be taken care of discretely and respectfully so all members of your group want to do it again the following year!