Groups: Best Practices, Part 1


There are several ways to save some money on large orders.  The trick is, it’s pretty unlikely that one family (unless it’s an enormous family) can eat enough fruit inside of the “Best by” date to make it worthwhile.  Many people create “Groups” and order together to get their single orders large enough to get both free shipping and the discount we offer.


There’s always the risk of someone finding themselves in an unfortunate position of not being able to purchase their order, but if you follow these guidelines, you should all be okay in the end!

First off, be sure to decide on a single person who will be in contact with our offices.  This is what makes a Group a Group; a single person represents the whole and that single person gets to talk to everyone else in the group.  Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of individuals placing orders.  Make sense?  So, contact your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to see if you can get your Group arranged.


Next post, we’ll discuss the goals of your group and how to get things arranged to create your group with us!