Health Benefits: Peach Fruit Spread and Yogurt



In February, MedlinePlus published an article indicating that eating yogurt may significantly reduce a person’s chances of developing Type 2 diabetes!  Then, in March, Washington State University published an article showing some compounds in peaches can slow the growth of breast cancer cells and disable their ability to spread…  In fact, Giuliana Noratto, WSU assistant professor of food science, said, “I would do[eat] three peaches a day.”


With all those facts about these two products, that go very well together, we’ve got to add that our Spiced Peach Fruit Spread also has cinnamon in it!   Dr. Mercola‘s site tells us that cinnamon is a potent cancer preventative as well…

That means, between the Spiced Peach Fruit Spread and a half cup of yogurt could go  LONG way toward keeping you healthy!!Obstjoghurt01