Meet the Staff: Jay

Meet the Staff: Jay

Jay takes care of all things digital for Muirhead Canning.  She considers herself a Geek and enjoys getting into the databases and code behind the front end of a system.  We asked her to take a couple minutes and go through an interview so you can get to know her better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Wow.  That’s a loaded request.  I’m complicated.  ::grins::  I think it’s best to just point you over to my own site.

How’d you get into working for Muirhead?

co imageI answered an ad for a front office position during a slow time from my own business,  Jill was hesitant to hire me because I was overqualified, but I assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem.  Initially, I was doing only the front desk clerk job, but anytime any Geekery needed to be done, I always knew how to do it already and just stepped in to take care of it.   It’s turned into one of my most favorite jobs of all time.

What’s your favorite part of the company?

Can I have two favorites?

That Russell listens to his employees and values their take on things.  He’s got a real gift for hearing what you’re saying and turning that feedback into actions.  It’s pretty impressive.

I really like working with Jill, too.  She’s become a friend and I enjoy her company.

Oh.  And Willie is great fun!  He’s got such great stories!!

Ok.  I think that’s way more than one favorite, so I’ll just sum it up by saying I enjoy working with the people who’re out there.

Who’s your inspiration and why?

I draw from many people, but my two favorites are Leonardo DaVinci and Vincent Van Gogh.

DaVinci because he’s so multi-faceted in his interests and skills.  A true Renaissance Man, he investigated and was open to new things, had a mind that was never satiated, experimented with everything in his efforts to find new ways to do arcane things…  He is someone whom I strive to be like.


Van Gogh because, even though he saw the world in such a way that no one living seemed to appreciate, he still lived life on his own terms.  It pains me that he ended life prematurely; think of what else he could have created!!  But I also respect that it was his choice and am so pleased that he did record how he saw the world around him.  I also have great respect for his total and complete honesty about himself and others.  Have you ever read some of his letters to his brother, Theo?  Brutally honest.