Meet the Staff: Jill

Meet the Staff: Jill
Jill is our office manager and she’s absolutely dynamite!  We sat down with her and had a face-to-face to see if we could capture her personality.plumbcrazy
How’d you get into the canning business? 
Last year, Russell found himself in need of someone to handle the office and my friend Jenny Loughmiller suggested me. I accepted.  I wasn’t looking for work–it really just fell in my lap–and for me, it’s a great fit.
Is being the Office Manager for Muirhead Canning your only job?
For the last 20 years I’ve managed the office affairs for my husband’s plumbing business, so now I do both businesses and appreciate having something to keep me busy since my four children have their own families.  Both jobs allow the flexibility to travel and most destinations involve grandchildren.
Tell us a funny story about an experience with a customer.
I love what I do for Muirhead Canning.  When I was a little girl, I loved going to my dad’s office and camping at an unused desk to write letters, address envelopes, and use the phone.  What I do now often reminds me of those happy moments.  I get to talk to lots of customers, many who talk to me like an old friend because they’ve been buying our fruit for years.  One woman was recently lamenting her lost youth and said, “The older I get, the younger it looks.”  So simple and profound. I immediately identified with what she said.
 Anything else you’d like to tell us?
I’ve been wondering lately about who I am.  I’m nothing special but I’m where I should be, and more importantly, I’m where I want to be.