Video Contests


Today, we’re rolling out a new contest: Youtube videos!  There’s two different categories of videos that you can enter, with two different sets of prizes.   Your videos don’t need to be HIGH quality or professional, they’ll be judged on creativity alone.  What’s that mean, exactly?  Well, essentially, if you’ve got a smart phone with a camera, you’re automatically able to make commercials for this contest! Tah-dah!  You’re a producer!  I bet you had no idea… There’s lots of families with kids and they’re just about to cry, “I’m bored.”  Head them off at the pass and encourage them to make and enter a video.  It gives them something to do, gets their creative side going, as well as gives them some tools they might use in their future jobs!  All around, this is a great contest for everyone, regardless of age.  Today, The 4th of July, is the perfect time to get everyone busy making their commercials…  Someone’s bound to be in the kitchen making something with our fruit, there’s lots of spare time while you’re waiting for the fireworks, and you’ve most likely got your smart phone on you, even as you read this.  I’m right, aren’t I?  Hehehehe. We do have some fun software for you to check out, of course, but mostly it’s about doing some creative commercials about our fruit.  We’ll include a list of those at the end of this post and when we find fun software either for your computer or phone that might help you on your quest, we’ll post it here on our blog, too!  We’ve got you covered, don’t worry.  It’s going to be fun and as easy or as complex as you want it to be!

The two categories

  1. Commercials Yes!  We don’t have any commercials that we put on TV or anything, but we thought this would be great fun to see your creative side.
  2. Testimonials Everyone who calls has something great to say to us; we’d like you to tell the world, too!

The lowdown

  1. Each person may enter up to two videos in each category.
  2. Each video you enter should end the video with the image just below and/or a link to our website so people can find what you’re talking about.
  3. Each video should be a minimum of 30 seconds long, maximum 120 seconds long.
  4. By entering, you agree that we have unlimited digital rights to use your video on our website, social networking, and other places.  Essentially, that means you maintain copyright, but allow us to use it any old time.
  5. Upload your video to your Youtube channel, then post a link to it on your own and Muirhead’s Facebook page so everyone can see it
  6. We’ll be accepting videos July 4th through August 4th
  7. Voting will begin August 8th, after Jay gets a chance to set all the videos up in a voting site properly.  We’ll post a link to the voting on both our blog, our facebook page, and make a video of our own to announce the open vote!  Voting will be open from August 8th through August 15th, one solid week so you have a chance to get all your friends and family to vote for yours!
  8. No purchase necessary…

The prizes

  1. Commercials

    First Place: $50 Gift card to spend wherever you’d like $50 Fruit Money* Your commercial featured on our website, youtube channel, and our facebook page! Serious bragging rights Second Place: $25 Gift card to spend wherever you’d like $25 Fruit Money* Your commercial featured on our website, youtube channel, and our facebook page! Bragging rights

  2. Testimonials

    First Place: $50 Fruit Money* Your testimonial featured on our website, youtube channel, and our facebook page! Serious bragging rights Second Place: $25 Fruit Money* Bragging rights

*Fruit Money is basically a credit that we’ll put on your account that you can use any time you’d like toward your purchase of our products, shipping charges may be extra, though!


OH!   I nearly forgot the list of resources I’ve got for you!  All of these (unless otherwise noted) are free, open source, Creative Commons 0 licenses, Public Domain, or otherwise Royalty-Free.  So, you can use any of these without infringing on anybody’s toes.  🙂  Handy, right?  Told ya I was going to take care of you. Background Music:  I always search the “easy listening” and “background music” sections. Video Editing: Image Editing:

Voice Overs: Text to speech isn’t quite up to snuff, but if you *really* don’t want to use your own voice, try this spot. Smart Phone Apps: