The listing is in order of crop harvests, starting in June and ending early October


There are 4 “packs” available in the 28 oz can sizes (no price difference):  Water Pack, Light Syrup, Heavy Syrup, or Splenda Syrup



Our fruit spreads are packed in glass pint (16oz) home canning jars. Our ingredients are local fruit, sugar, spices, and lemon juice (to protect the color).


The spiced peach have ripe peaches with a small amount of clove added to give the wonderful peach flavor a small lift.


Our vanilla pear cooks down to a smooth texture that compliments the sweet flavor of the ripe pears and vanilla.


The apricot tastes like sweet tree ripened apricots that we ate in our youth without the acidic bite.


Our dark cherry is a chunky spread that is made up of dark sweet cherries, a little sugar, and some lemon juice to protect the color.  If you enjoy the dark cherries, you will enjoy this spread.