Reporting in: Apricots first


We *strongly* believe that the apricots will be first to ripen on the tree this year.  The cherry orchards are picking their early cherries right now, so we were a little bit at odds with which would come in for canning before all the other fruit.  At this point, the second Monday of June, with a season of unusually early ripe fruit, the apricots are pulling out into the lead.  It’s still a close race, though, and it really could still be anyone’s game!

What’s all that mean for you?  It means that if you’ve got an apricot tree in your yard (or your neighbor’s yard and you get to pick them), it’s time to go assess where that fruit is at on the tree-ripened sort of scale.  You’re looking for an apricot that will give just a little bit under your thumb’s pressure, but still has a nice firmness under the outer layers of fruit flesh.  Another thing you can do for judging the ripeness of just about any fruit is to simply smell it.  If you walk up to the tree and you can smell it as you come up on it, it might be a little bit too ripe and it’s time to make freezer jam.  But if you can get right up on the tree and put the fruit to your nose, then smell it, the fruit should give off a heavenly quintessential scent of that particular fruit.  When your mouth waters for a bite, you know they’re ready to pick and get in to us!

Hoping you have a lovely Summer with lots of family, friends, and safe fun events planned!!

~The Folks at Muirhead Canning