Schools in Oregon Purchase Hood-Crest Fruit


Schools in Oregon are getting turned on to our Water Packed Fruit!  We’re proud to be one of the few canning companies around who offer their fruit canned in just water.  No additives, no sugar, nothing but fruit and water.  Why are people so concerned about sugar intake?  This article excerpt might help clear that up:

In the 1990s, excessive fat consumption was commonly believed to be the main cause of obesity. High sugar consumption was often considered to be innocuous and possibly protective against obesity by displacing dietary fat. A decade later, the American Heart Association linked intake of added sugars to weight gain and recommended substantial decreases in consumption to a daily maximum of 100 kcal for women and 150 kcal for men. Some experts now argue that sugar comprises the single most important cause of the worldwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes, primarily through the effects of fructose at prevailing levels of consumption.  From

Where that article is primarily examining Fructose, sugar seems to fall into that same category these days.  So, with all the products out there at the supermarkets, what’s a concerned parent (and school districts!) to do?  Finding sources of high nutritional value fruits without added sugar is certainly one part of that solution.

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Our fruit comes straight off the tree, with all the natural sweetness of the season, gets prepared for going into cans (by cleaning with water, slicing, and/or halving the fruit), then we add only pure clean water to the cans from there and process as we’d normally do.

The end result?

Fruit that’s still as sweet as when it was picked without all the added sugar.  The health benefits of fruit canned this way are comparable to fresh fruit, in fact!