Summer Hours, at last!


Hurray!  Summer is here!  Summer is here!  We’re transitioning into our summer hours next week, so the hours are a bit on the wonky side. Please bear with us… Here’s an overview of the week:

May 30: Closed for Memorial Day
May 31: 9-4
June 1: 8-5
June 2: 8-5
June 3: 8-5
June 4: 9-4  <–Saturday!

So, we’ll be around Monday through Saturday until Christmas time to help you get your fruit this year.


Oh!  Don’t forget!

If you have cherry, pear, peach, apricot, or Italian plum trees that are bearing fruit but you don’t want to can them this year, just bring them in while we’re canning that particular fruit and we’ll do it for you.  The cost is minimal and there’s even more benefits for you:

  • NO MESS to clean up.
  • No working in a hot kitchen processing your fruit over a hot oven in a water bath.
  • We offer custom canning in two sizes: 15oz and 28oz.
  • It’s pretty easy to make up your own labels and have them printed at Staples, then just glue them on!
  • You get bragging rights that it’s YOUR fruit in those cans.