Take a Tour?



Ever wanted to see where your fruit comes from and what it goes through to get to you?  A lot of companies use harsh chemical processes to get their fruit ready for cans; a bad choice for the person eating it on the other end.  It doesn’t honor the fruit, the people canning the fruit, and especially the people (YOU & your family) who will eat their product.

Our process, however stays pretty close to the way an individual would can their fruit at home.  We use only fresh, clean, hot water to gently steam the skins off our fruit.  We can fruit like they used to in the 30’s and 40’s at home; except in much bigger batches.  We even use Kerr & Mason jars!  Are you interested in coming up to see how we get your fruit from individual piece into those jars and cans that sit on your shelves?  Give us a jingle and let us know you’d like to schedule a tour for the next time we’re running the cannery!  541.298.1660clouds-17602_1280

We’ve still got pears and plums to can, so there’s still about two weeks that you can see our process.  After that, though, you’ll have to wait until the fruit is ripe on the tree next year.  Of course, that’s not all bad, because after we finish canning, it means it’s time to start delivering to the whole Pacific Northwest and we’ll see you with your order of fruit real soon.  Silver linings are great, aren’t they?