Time for the 2015 Season!!


We’ve been working on the newsletter today and it’s finally finished!

It’s finished and we’re dancing around here at the cannery because it means the new season has begun.  You get an advance copy of the whole newsletter because you shared your email address with us!  Of course, you’ll still get the printed one in your mailbox, so you could wait for it, but there’s not very many people who have that much patience with it comes to their Hood-Crest Fruit.  Our cherries should be ripe on the trees about the end of June, and they’re generally the first ripened fruit we start with.  Although, we’ve had a couple of times where the apricots beat them to the punch.

We have BIG plans this year.  There’s lots of little changes happening this year as we dial in the best way to get products to you, figure out what changes you’d like us to make to our existing product lines, and work to make our fruit even better than it already is.  You don’t need to wait any more!  Take a look at the order form and give us a call (541.298.1660) or email us with your order.  Jill, Adam, Jay(me), and occasionally Russell, are here in the office to help you.  We can do that any ‘ol time you’re ready.

The newsletter is full of great information, but here’s the highlights:


  • For the past few years, we’ve been canning the smaller quantities of our fruit in glass pint jars.  This year, we’re bringing back the 15oz can!  Several reasons all culminated to this decision, but it’s been made and we’re bringing ’em back for the 2015 Season.
  • There’s a price-break as a special thank you to all our customers who order and prepay earlier than July 15.  We really appreciate you for doing that; it gets us through the season’s up front business costs and helps out everyone here at the cannery.  Thank you!
  • New labels are coming to the cannery, after nearly 60 years.  It’s still similar, but the changes are delightful and we’re sure you’ll love it.
  • We’ve got a new person in the office!  His name is Adam and he’s getting acquainted with our setup and methods of doing business.  It takes a little while to figure out all the in’s and out’s of a small business, though.  Please extend your patience for him!
  • Our buy two cases of fruit spread and get free shipping in our Fall Delivery area is extended through the 2015 Season!
  • We’ll be changing our fruit spread sizes from 16 ounces to 12 ounces sometime this summer, as it fits in around the ripened fruit.  The ripe fruit, of course, will take precedence!  Where we’re not introducing any new flavors, we do have a whole host of ways to use it (as well as our canned fruit) out on our Pinterest account.  As we hear of more recipes (both sweet and savory), we’ll be sure to share with you!  If you’ve got a favorite recipe with our fruit and find it’s not out there, please take a picture of your meal and share the recipe with us.  We’d love to share it with everyone else.

Summer Hours!

We’re officially on our summer hour schedule now!  That means we’re here to help you Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am-4pm.  The office is open lunchtimes and most holidays, too.  Visitors and Customers are always a joy to see, so just come on up and we’ll be ready to share samples.