Tree Fruit Spreads


We began last year with four “tree fruit spreads.”  This year, we’re offering free “Fall Delivery” shipping if you order two or more cases of them!  Normally, you’d need to order 14 cases of fruit to get free shipping, so it’s a phenomenal deal.


  • Spiced Peach – We paired our famous Elberta Peaches, with their distinct tree-ripened flavor, and traditional autumnal-feeling spice clove. When you try it, you feel the warmth of summer washing over you, easing into the autumn, like it’s happening right now, inside just the time it takes to let the flavors mingle with your tastebuds.
  • Vanilla Pear – Almost as well renowned as the Peaches, we combined our Bartlett Pears with pure ground vanilla beans. The sweetness of this variety of pears comes straight forward early on in the taste, but the finish on the tongue is decidedly vanilla.
  • Apricot – Our most popular flavor, the Maryhill Apricots are unaltered with spices and it sings the beginning of summer’s bountiful harvest with a clear vibrant flavor. It’s got just a little bit of a tart biteback to it, making it perfect to pair with meats, yogurts, cottage cheeses, and in sweets. It’s our most versatile spread, working marvelously with both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Dark Cherry – In close competition with the Apriots for customers’ favorite, our locally grown Bing Cherries show up front and center in this fruit spread with chunky bites of cherry in each spoonful, making the texture strongly resemble a compote. The sweetness of the cherries absolutely comes to the foreground on your tongue, making it another strongly versatile spread for both savory and sweet delights!

Each pint of fruit spread also contain about a cup of pure cane sugar, about half what a standard jar of jelly or jam has. We use a small amount of arrowroot powder for thickening instead of pectin, giving our Fruit Spreads a pleasant texture that doesn’t form that “gummy bear” film on it when you cook, bake, and BBQ with it.