What does Freestone mean?

What does Freestone mean?

A freestone peach has fruit that falls right off the pit. These peaches are wonderful for eating, canning, and freezing. You just slice the peach down the middle, and pull the pit right out with your fingers and they’re ready to eat!  They’re generally available Mid-June to Mid-August.


Freestone are the peaches we use at Muirhead Canning. The pits just fall right out of the center. Sometimes we need to pull them out, but not very often!

A clingstone peach has fruit that does not fall off the pit; it clings to the pit and makes them fantastic for eating, but aren’t the best for canning and freezing. These varieties are the early birds of  Peaches and you can find them available as early as Mid-May to Early June.


Clingstone type peaches taste great, but the pit is pretty stubborn about coming out. Generally, this is the kind of peach you’ll get at the grocery store and have trouble slicing open; you just have to eat them as a whole fruit and enjoy the sticky juicy mess that comes with ’em!