Why is fruit out of stock?

Why is fruit out of stock?

Living in a country with 24 hour supermarkets stocked with food from around the world, it can be difficult to understand how a food item could be “out of stock” not for a few days but for a few months! We are a small cannery (our output for our entire canning season equals one DAY’s output for a big-name fruit cannery) and source our fruit from local growers on the western side of the States.

Autumn_Red_peachesThis means that we offer the best fruit available but that we, just like our growers, are at the mercy of Mother Nature. If there is a late spring freeze and half of the cherry crop is ruined, that means that we won’t be able to can as many cherries that year. In any given year a crop may fall short and so may our production of a specific fruit. We try to can enough fruit to have ample supplies for the entire year but we will fall short. We appreciate your understanding and want to assure you that it is never our intention to run out of fruit!

Tip: We encourage you to pre-order in late spring or early summer to ensure you receive your fruit. If a crop is short, we may begin to run out by late summer or early fall.  For two years running, now, we’ve sold out of peaches around the first couple weeks of September.

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