Peaches, sliced or halved
Best way to celebrate summer, regardless of the current season outdoors...

Light and Dark, both canned varieties are sweet, juicy, & firm

A classic fruit that just never gets old

Purple Plums
A delightful treat that tastes like it's straight off the tree!

Wonderfully playful, brings the hot summer days to you, right from the can

Berry Fruit Spreads
Bringing you the tastes you enjoyed when your Grandma made preserves from the berries you picked for her

Tree Fruitspreads
Each one fantastic on it's own, but wait until you try it on ice cream, cottage cheese, or in your next BBQ!

Different Tree-Ripened Fruits Canned

Local Jobs Created

Fantastic Fruit Spreads

Years of Experience


We take pride in our premium canned fruit and thus take pride in our quality-focused growers. We buy only the best fruit and try to support our local growers as much as possible. The Northwest has great soil and climate, ideal for growing fruit full of flavor and minerals.

Our Fruit

All our fruit is picked at optimum ripeness and canned shortly after we receive it, in most cases, direct from the grower.

Let US can your fruit this year!

We will can your fruit for you, provided you bring it in about the same time we’re canning the same kind of fruit.  Just give us a call to get more information!  541.298.1660