Peach Slices


Peach Slices

from 34.00

Sold in boxes of 12 cans.

**Out of stock until Fall 2018.  Call 541-298-1660 or email us to pre-order yours now**

Hood-Crest peaches are one of our most popular items and it's easy to see why.  Our method starts with fresh, ready to eat peaches (not green, like big commercial canneries).  The peaches are quickly put through a steam bath to loosen the skin (not acid, like the big guys) and then carefully packed by hand (not machine, like the big guys).  The result is spectacular - fresh, golden peach slices that truly taste like peaches.

Elberta peaches are very hard to find now - but we found some!  We have contracted with growers in Granger, WA; Wapato, WA; Salem, OR; and Cutler, CA to bring you the best canned peaches around!

Our peach slices are not perfect...because fresh peaches don't slice perfectly.  The taste though?  That's perfection.

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